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InAmerica_CDcoverIn America

by Sammy Sadler

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About Sammy

For someone who has spent decades in the music business, Country entertainer Sammy Sadler is more active than most – and enjoying every aspect of his career.  The Memphis-born singer is currently working on his newest CD.  This will be the 3rd album of his career. Sammy is also currently touring with his pal, superstar Ken Mellons, as one half of the popular Takin’ The Country Back Tour.

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Sammy talks about "In America"

"In America" Official Video

Tour Dates


  • Sammy Sadler will be filming a music video for his upcoming single, “In America”  in Bonham and Leonard, Texas on August 13th and 14th. Sammy chose to shoot the video in Fannin County because it truly exemplifies small town America. The video will feature locals from Bonham and Leonard that includes veterans, and the Leonard …read more…